Topical Finasteride & Minoxidil for Hair Loss

$79 per month (Cancel anytime)

Free Physician Consultation: This is a compounded prescription medication and requires a doctor’s consultation. There is no additional charge for the doctor consultation. During the payment process, you will be required to answer several questions about your medical history and submit photos of your hair. After you submit your order, the physician will evaluate your medical history, examine your hair loss photos and then write the order. If the physician determines you are not a candidate, you will be given a full refund.

Subscription Information: Monthly auto-renewal. No contracts. Cancel at anytime.

Ingredients: This is a prescription topical formula for hair loss. Happy Head consists of a blend of 3 active prescription medications, Finasteride, Minoxidil and Retinoic acid. Your physician will customize the blend of ingredients and concentrations depending upon your gender, age, level of hair loss and medical history.

Customized Formulas Available: Some patients are sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients. In that case, we can customize the product and take those ingredients out. For example, if you do not want minoxidil or finasteride in the product, then we can remove them from your product. This does not apply to most people but this option is available. Just state your request in the “history” section when you are checking out and the physician will discuss it with you.

Male vs Female Formulas: This prescription, compounded formula is customized just for you. This means that the formula differs depending if you are male vs a female. We do not use finasteride for females. Your doctor will customize the correct formula for you based upon your gender, age, medical and hair loss history.

Drug Safety Information: Oral finasteride has been associated with sexual side effects in rare number of cases, about 1.8%. Happy Head is a compounded topical finasteride, not oral. For more safety information, please read the drug safety information. You can discuss all these side effects with your physician during the consultation.

Available Nationwide Except For: AK, AR, CT, DE, HI, LA, MA, MO, NM, OR, RI, DC

Pregnancy Information: Women that are planning to get pregnant, are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid contact with this product.

Questions: If you have any questions before ordering, please send us an email at [email protected]

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    Robert M.
    US US
    Good Product

    Easy to use and much less side affects than **** Finasteride.

    Chris L.
    US US
    If you apply it. It will grow.

    So I’m only 3 months in but I am seeing new hair growth which is pretty cool. I started this because I had a transplant about 2 years ago but it wasn’t as thick as I would’ve liked. They tell you to wait 6 months to really see a difference so it’s still too early to tell how thick it will come in. But I do like my hair better since taking this product, it could be a placebo effect of seeing new hair and then mentally thinking my hair is thicker to everyone else but hey that works too. A few tips: I would start your monthly renewal a week before you run out as I fell a week behind because I wasn’t expecting it to take a week for delivery and processing. Part of the trade off of this product is that it acts like a hair gel once it dries so having natural looking clean hair has kind of gone to the wind. After an hour supposedly it’s 90% absorbed so you could rinse your hair after but who has time to do that in the morning am I right? Overall it’s working, it’s not causing much redness on my scalp nor any side effects in general, so I would say try it. Why not. Especially if you aren’t ready to spend $7k on a transplant. Oh and the communication with them at Happy Head is really really great. Like replies via email are same day.

    Chris D.
    US US
    So far so good

    Was using **** finasteride for years had terrible Ed now it's going away thanks to Happy Head!!!

    Trevor B.
    US US
    Great product

    I have replaced taking finasteride pills with using this product instead and I’m glad I did, would rather just use topical than take a pill each day. This product feels like I’m putting some sort of pomade or gel in my hair but it actually isn’t gross or greasy it feels ok and dry. I don’t mind it and it gets the job done.

    Bryan M.
    US US
    Great product

    Easy to use, saw results within a couple months. Great customer service

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