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Minoxidil finasteride topical solution reviews

Happy Head before and after of Allen
Name: Allen
Age: 26
Occupation: Actor

This topical helped me get more hair, and boosted my confidence. 

Happy Head before and after of customer Bobby
Name: Bobby
Age: 31
Occupation: Attorney

I tried Propecia and it reduced my libido. Then I switched to Happy Head and I got it back.

Happy Head before and after of customer Luke
Name: Luke
Age: 41
Occupation: Bartender

I thought a hair transplant was the only option, then Happy Head saved me from balding!

Happy Head before and after of customer Raj
Name: Raj
Age: 29
Occupation: Software Developer

I was afraid of the side effects of oral Propecia so I tried Happy Head, haven’t had a problem.

Happy Head before and after of customer Justin
Name: Justin
Age: 23
Occupation: Film Editor

Oral finasteride gave me poor performance in bed. This topical finasteride has me back on game!

Happy Head before and after of customer Phillip
Name: Phillip
Age: 34
Occupation: Real Estate Broker

All the stress from work made my hair fall out. Happy Head made my hair grow full.

This Sh*t Works

Our topical finasteride compound propriety formula consists of prescription grade finasteride & minoxidil 8%.

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Topical finasteride is clinically proven to grow hair. Our minoxidil and finasteride topical solution results show.


Over the counter minoxidil (Rogain™) is 5%. Our minoxidil is prescription strength and is 8%, for better efficacy and improved results.

Retinoic Acid

Clinical studies have shown better hair grow and improved efficacy when prescription retinoic acid is mixed with minoxidil.

Topical Finasteride for Hair Loss

Topical finasteride is a modern method that procures efficient hair loss treatment with lower systemic adverse occurrences. Research shows that when compared to the tablet form of 1mg dosage, 0.25% topical finasteride exhibit similar remedial effects. Hence, like oral preparation, topical finasteride works to reduce scalp and serum DHT levels, a higher amount of which is found in miniaturized hair follicles. According to clinical studies, topical finasteride is a safer alternative to oral finasteride. 

Is Topical Finasteride Effective?

Does topical finasteride really work? Yes. There are many clinical studies demonstrating  the efficacy of topical finasteride. For example, in a clinical trial study of 45 male patients, Hajheydari et al. (2009) compared oral finasteride 1mg vs topical finasteride 1% for a total of 6 months. Both the oral finasteride 1mg and the topical finasteride 1% showed statistically significant increase in total and terminal hair count after 4 months. Authors concluded that “the therapeutic effects of both finasteride gel and finasteride tablet were relatively similar to each other.” For a summary of current clinical studies, please read our blog post titled “Efficacy of Topical Finasteride: Review of Current Medical Literature.”

How Does Topical Finasteride for Hair Loss Work?

This innovative method reduces the levels of dihydrotestosterone, almost by approximately 70%, and hinders the miniaturization of hair follicles in patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Studies claim that taking the dose orally, displays certain side effects, such as decreased libido and gynecomastia. Hence, it is advisable to opt for topical procedures.

To assess the potency of hair growth, 5% topical minoxidil is combined with 0.1% finasteride for patients with AGA after treating them with 5% topical minoxidil and oral finasteride for two years. In this way, finasteride topical obviate the endless use of oral finasteride.

Does Topical Finasteride Regrow Hair?

Topical finasteride is more focused on preventing hair loss than regrowing the lost hair. Theoretically, the topical solution is provided the 5AR-inhibiting medication directly to the scalp and with a regular dosage, thin lines of hair filling up the gaps can be observed.

How Long Does Topical Finasteride Take to Work?

Similar to most medical aid, it takes an optimum time to begin working. It simply depends upon the severity of hair loss. The initial step begins immediately, which means, the level of your DHT will begin to drop with the very first dosage. So, with a daily dosage of 1mg tablet, the topical method is also induced, which is quite sufficient to protect your hair. It shows the final effects within six to nine months, displaying a clear difference between using topical finasteride before and after the oral dosage.

Finasteride hair loss can also be observed as finasteride doesn’t always help to regrow the hair you have lost, rather it ceases further hair loss.

Side Effects of Topical Finasteride

Are there any side effects of topical finasteride? Clinical studies demonstrate that topical finasteride has clinically proven, evidence-based, scientific data to show its efficacy in growing hair and that it has a lower side effect profile compared to oral finasteride. There are many side effects associated with ORAL finasteride, especially sexual side effects. There have been many clinical studies on TOPICAL finasteride. Majority of those studies showed no sexual side effects for patient using topical finasteride, sometimes at higher concentration than our formula. Specifically, out of the 7 clinical studies reported above, only one study showed one event with sexual side effects (testicular pain). This is 1 out of 268 subjects in all of the studies, which equates to a rate of 0.37%. In contrast, oral finasteride is associated with sexual side effects in 1.8% to 3.8% of patients, which means that in the above 268 subjects, there should have been about 5 to 10 subjects experiencing some form of sexual side effects. However, this was not the case. With that said, it is recommended to titrate up the use of topical finasteride in order to avoid shocking the system and our physicians will go over that with you. Please remember that any side effect that may occur on oral finasteride can possibly occur with topical finasteride, but according to clinical studies, the side effects may be lower. Please note that patients may have different sensitivity to the topical finasteride, thus results and side effects may vary. Please consult with a physician before starting prescription strength topical finasteride. In the case of Happy Head, you will have a physician consultation in order to determine eligibility for the topical finasteride. Eligibility is based upon medical history, current degree  of hair loss, allergies etc. Your physician will also review side effects with you in writing. We encourage our users to read our blog titled “Side Effects of Topical Finasteride: Review of Current Medical Literature.”

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